Multigene®, the multiplex platform that makes qPCR easier and quicker

Multigene® is a qPCR platform optimized to reduce reagents and analytical time. This platform can be used with different supports (plates 30, 48, 96, 484 well plates) and is also adaptable to conventional laboratory settings.

Micropuce 48 puits.png

Wide range of applications : potato pathogens, vines, resistance to fungicide and herbicide... 

The multiplexing of markers within the wells multiplies the possibilities of analysis while reducing costs.

We design lyophilized plates according to the needs of our customers : type of markers, number of markers and quantity of samples.


Flashdiag®, a detection technology closest to the field 

Flashdiag® is a proprietary technology developed by Anova-Plus. The kits developed with this technology are specific to a given application : detection of plant pathogens strains, identification of resistance to phytosanitary produtcs.


Flashdiag® kits are intended to be used on-site with resource-limited locations. Kits are simple to use and allow you to obtain results in less than one hour.

Several applications have been developed and validated on this technology :

- Detection of Xylella fastidiosa on grapevine, olive trees, oaks, fruit trees

- Detection of Flavescence dorée in vineyard.

- Detection of Early Blight and distinction between the two strains Alternaria solani and Alternaria alternata.

- Detection of herbicide resistances (Black-grass, Ray-grass)

We can develop kits to suit your needs.