Sample analyses (sequencing, identification of pathogen strains, identification of mutations conferring resistance to phytosanitary products).



Typical benefits :

  • Crop field cartography of mutations and pathogen strains based on different samples sizes (1000 to 2000 samples).

  • Speciation and detection of GMOs.



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We can develop detection methods and field kits according to your needs. Customized development studies have several phases :

  • Feasibility

  • Choice of support technology (tools)

  • Development of protocols for nucleotide extraction and data processing

  • Validation by comparison with a classical method or mirror method

  • Production of a test batch (prototypes)

  • Transfer and training


For any inquiries, please contatc us via the contact page.


Flashdiag® kits :

  • Flavescence dorée on grapevine (identification of phytoplasm)

  • Early Blight on potatoes (distinction alternata and solani)

  • Xylella fastidiosa on grapevine, olive trees, oaks, fruit trees

  • Herbicide resistance classes A and B (Black-grass and Ray-Grass)


Multigene® detection platform :

  • Bacteria and potato viruses

  • Grapevine's phytoplasms

  • Herbicide resistances 

  • Fungicide resistances (SDHI, QoI, IDM etc…)

  • Speciation and GMOs



For any inquiries, please contact us via the contact page.

Anova-Plus makes DNA/RNA diagnosis accessible to agribusiness.

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