FlashDiag®, called Pedestrian Kit® is a technology for the detection and characterization of crops pests, on site, intended for taking real-time decisions by producers and farmers.

Flashdiag® is a proprietary, patented technology-platform, developed by Anova-Plus from which we have developed DNA/RNA detection kits and several applications.

Each kit is specific to a given application and species: phytopathogenic detection, identification of variants of different Plant pathogens, weeds and insects in order to characterize their resistance to pesticides and their ability to circumvent varietal resistances.

Thanks to Flashdiag® Pedestrian kits, you get your results, on site, in one hour. This tool is designed to be accessible by all agricultural professionals, and does not require any laboratory training or skills.

You will find linked in our Website, the Flashdiag® Pedestrian kit demonstration video.

Pedestrian kit®

Multiplex- MULTIgène®

Prevent to cure faster and better 

This Multigene® Multiplex Technology differs from our Flashdiag® PCR Pedestrian kits by using a q-PCR approach. This last one allows us, not only to quantify DNA or RNA mutations present in a sample, but also to target between 15 and 30 known mutations per each kit (to be compared with 2 to 4 mutations with the Flashdiag® PCR Pedestrian kits).

We can choose the most interesting mutations (those conferring the greatest resistance to phytosanitary products/active molecules) before developing a specific application kit.

Anova-Plus provide an equivalent service when no Multiplex kit are available. This special service is performed in our main lab or on Regional Proximity Platform. After collecting field samples, our main lab will provide the corresponding mutation data within 6 working days. From Regional Proximity Platforms data might be provided in less than 2 working days.

Our Multiplex ® technology can also be used for the detection of GMOs, pathogens, weeds, insects and other crop pests with diverse resistance mutations and other Technological Value genes.

Example of one possible format of data coming up from Multiplex ®:



Our Flash-Seq® service is based on multiple DNA sequencing techniques, and provides an overall inventory of multiannual and multilocal frequencies of pesticide resistance and varietal resistances in a set of localized GPS parcels.

Sequencings, long and short reads, are carried out on samples showing symptoms of disease, leaves of weeds, or on insect vectors of pathogens (leafhoppers, aphids, etc..) Each collected parcel is GPS geolocated.

After analyses, we provide mutation frequencies of known and new variants inducing pesticide and varietal resistances on a set of parcels, their geographical GPS distribution, as well as a recommendation of phytosanitary products and varieties to be used on a timely manner and a recommended dosages and mixtures if necessary.


PRE2 Database

PRE2 Data bases: set of multiple normed numerical data regarding pesticide and varietal resistances added to many other normed parameters in order to give out more adapted preconizations regarding cultural practices.

Data of relative frequencies of mutations conferring resistances to pesticides or circumventing varietal resistance, associated with pedoclimatic data, rotation cycles, agronomic characteristics, parcel history, fertilization, treatments, etc. allow us to build our so-called early preconization databases. It will allow producers, farmers and their advisers to adjust their technical itineraries, tillage, rotations, etc. in order to better control integrated crop protection thanks to early collected data integrated in specific databases.

Our services are fully customizable to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, in order to be able to choose our most adapted tools to solve your needs and problems.


Our patented technologies are applicable to plant, animal and human health. Accordingly, licenses can be negotiated for various applications. 

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