Anova-Plus is an innovative company labeled by GENOPOLE, Evry-France, created in 2012.

Our mission is to use our genetic and agronomic expertises for the Ag-industry and cropping in contributing for a better environment and to speed up the agroecological transition and sustainable productions. 
Innovation to the benefit of sustainable agriculture, responsible and eco-friendly is a fundamental focus in our all approaches and projects. 
We are developing Worldwide Unique Tools, usable on site, to support real-time decisions. Early detection, on site, of variant strains of crop enemies resistant to phytosanitary molecules, and their ability to circumvent varietal resistances is crucial for adapting the more adapted cultural practices.  
The general aim is, then, to optimize pesticide applications, in timely manner, in quantity, whether using conventional, organic or biocontrol practices in order to reduce related expenses while optimizing crop yields. 

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